I began my career at the end of the 90’s working with online trading startups in the energy & agricultural sector in Europe and Australia.

Since then I have spread my wings across corporate, agency & consulting verticals in the UK, Germany, Finland, Australia, Kenya, Vietnam and North America. I have led accounts and projects across fortune 100 companies. I’ve worked intimately in advertising and media eco-systems and I have worked with management/technology consulting groups in global business transformation projects and setup new offerings and business units for scale.

During my career I have always enjoyed working with startups. I’ve worked with well funded and backed ideas within e-commerce, commodity trading and VC design, and I’ve worked alongside many boot-strapped startups in marketing, analytics, travel, retail, B2B and digital media/analytics. I also found my own company in Vietnam where I built the supply chain, later launching the product/brand in North America, in which I recently exited in 2019.

I am a hands on get the job done sort of guy who has seen the good, the bad & the ugly. I have the unique experience to have worked with startups all my career and at the same time, worked with fortune 100 brands, global advertising & media companies and consulting groups. I see the big picture, I understand all the hardships of business and consider myself a cultural advisor, mentor & well, whatever you need if we synch.

Having recently exited the company I brought to North America, my focus is now 100% on advising, mentoring & investing in startups and everything that goes with that on a global scale.

Outside of business, I love the ocean. I sail & I dive. I love hiking, rock climbing and I've jumped out of a plane several times also. I have a lifetime passion for photography having studied it in the mid 90's. You can check out some pics at hereI have the worlds coolest french bulldog Sonny who has traveled with me from Europe to Australia to North America and we live together with my beautiful wife in Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles), California. I still travel extensively but mostly for business exploration lately, with a little r&r every now and then with the family.

If any of this sounds of interest, then do get in touch, lets grab a beer or a virtual one & see what we can do together. I only make money if you make money so you have peace of mind from the get go. 


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